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Pay $5USD to reserve your JSleeve for the exclusive price of $195USD (Save $95)

Pay $5USD to reserve your JSleeve for the exclusive price of  $195USD (Save $95)

Pay $5USD to reserve your JSleeve for the exclusive price of $195USD (Save $95)

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For a limited time, commit $5USD to reserve your JSleeve package for the exclusive price of  $195USD  (saving $95 on the entire package).

The JSleeve Package Includes: 

  • One JSleeve w/ Upper and lower arm sensors 
  • One Year Data Plan  
  • Charging Unit


The JSleeve is a smart - shooting sleeve that will change the game of basketball forever.

Giving each player the ability to know their exact strengths, weaknesses and what activities give them the most results will force the muscle memory process to speed up creating better athletes in a more efficient way.

Here is an informative video by the CEO/Founder of The JSleeve Jeremy Henderson.

Synergy Svn has found a way to directly integrate technology into the fundamentals of shooting a basketball.


The JSleeve gives you the ability to track your progress and understand your jump-shot through your mobile device !


We have created a device that connects directly to your mobile device and gives you daily insight on your shot count, performance & location. These key metrics are

When The JSleeve is first activated, you have to save your preferred shooting form in the JSleeve Database & calibrate the sleeve to the court you're playing on.

From then, all shots taken with the Jsleeve will be used to create the metrics provided. 



It allows the user to easily know how many shots they have taken and made from any location on the basketball court.

Our technology also allows the user to capture their desired form for their shot and will calculate a percentage accuracy metric versus that target form thus accelerating the muscle memory programming process.


Some of the metrics you will be able to track by using the JSleeve are :
  • Fatigue
  • Accuracy
  • Field Goal %
  • Shot Speed
  • Distance Of Shots Taken

Our application monitors your shooting form & gives you an abundance of tips as to how you can get better as a a shooter & overall basketball player !



Every shot taken and every workout with the JSleeve will be stored  in the JSleeve Cloud. This allows you to have a consistent hands on insight to the data of your workouts and gives you the ability to track your progression. 

People in the sports space have always said "whenever you're not working, someone in the world is !". With the JSleeve, you can visually track when people all around the world are working out with the JSleeve.

By comparing the amount of workouts you've done, shot percentages and other key metrics, JSleeve users will be socially peer pressured into having fun and getting better !

Now you can compare yourself with these people directly and join clubs based on the amount of work you have been putting in.


Here is a short clip explaining to you how the JSleeve software works :

Knowing about all the metrics that the JSleeve provides for you is key to revolutionizing the game of basketball.

Quickly compares multiple player profiles side-by-side for optimal game strategy development.

With real-time, accurate data you can confidently target pain points for improvement, grow upon strengths, and set up players to be successful.



This is a video of Chelsea Hopkins of the Chicago Sky WNBA team giving her honest opinion on the JSleeve.


This is a video of Sequioa Holmes of the San Antonio Stars WNBA team giving her honest opinion on the JSleeve.

The data plan allows your to make your profile public

 Purchase the $10/month data plan for:

  • Continued access to your information
  • Compete with others in the global JSleeve Community
  • Make your profile public for coaches and scouts to see  

Receive 2-months free with a one time purchase of $100!


    See what professional athletes are saying about the JSleeve.

    “It’s important to know what level you shoot at and how your form effects your shot. Being able to record that data on yourself is going to help you become a better basketball player by putting a number to a feeling. Numbers don’t lie and as you grow as a basketball player you want to get every little detail right…”

    SEQUOIA HOLMES WNBA – Houston Comets, Phoenix Mercury, Las Vegas Aces

    “Any time I’m shooting I always chart how many times I’m making it vs how many times I’m missing. The JSleeve has the capability to do this for you. When you’re wearing the JSleeve it makes you conscience of your shooting, knowing that you’re being charted. There is so much capability with the JSleeve the sky is the limit.”

    CHELSEA HOPKINS WNBA – Chicago Sky, Atlanta Dream, New York Liberty, San Antonio Stars
    Guaranteed to improve your jumpshot. with consistent use.

    With consistent use of the JSleeve, it is guaranteed to see improvements in your shooting statistics.

    Compete with users around the world.

    The JSleeve interactive platform allows you to challenge users around the world & compete in the worldwide leaderboards.

    The JSleeve App is available on all mobile devices.

    Users are able to download the free interactive JSleeve app upon purchasing a sleeve.

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